The family gatherings are starting, the boxes of decorations are being pulled out and you are dusting off that holiday sweater that always wins you first place at the ugly sweater party. There’s no doubt about it, the holidays are here! While you may be excited to celebrate with friends and family, this time of year can also be really frustrating because of all of the different illnesses circulating. A single infection could cause your entire family to get sick and miss out on all the fun. Read on →

RSV season is here once more, so it is important to refresh your memory on what this pesky illness is and how to prevent your kids from getting it. While anyone can contract RSV, it disproportionately causes severe illness in small children and infants. Having sick kids in your home is never fun, but it can be especially dangerous if your little one comes down with RSV. Our AFC Urgent Care Gastonia team wants your family to stay as healthy as possible this year, so read on to learn more about RSV and how to prevent it. Read on →

The weather is changing, the leaves are starting to fall and there is pumpkin spice-flavored everything on the store shelves. There’s no doubt about it, fall is here to stay. The change in season can be a great time of year, but the colder months bring their own challenges when it comes to your health and wellness. Influenza cases are rising already in our community and we want you to stay as healthy as possible this season. Read on →

So, you woke up with a sore throat. We are sorry you are feeling sick! Different illnesses can cause all kinds of symptoms, but a sore throat is typically a sign that something is going on. While you may suspect that you are getting sick, a sore throat is a really common symptom! That can make it hard to diagnose yourself at home because it could be COVID-19, influenza, a cold or even strep throat. Read on →

COVID-19 cases are on the rise again around the country. We are thankful that the numbers haven’t reached pandemic level heights yet, but we all need to be hyper-vigilant right now to avoid getting sick. Remember, you can still get sick from COVID-19 this year even if you have already had it in years past. Knowing what symptoms to look for and how to avoid getting sick is key to staying healthy. Read on →

School is back in full swing, and your busy schedule of homework, sports and activities has returned. What also has returned by now is probably at least one illness! The beginning of the school season always brings about an increase of viruses, stomach bugs and various infections, and many of them include a fever as one of the symptoms. Before you hurry out the door to have your child be seen for his or her fever, keep in mind that the vast majority of fevers are not dangerous. Read on →

We see all kinds of illnesses and conditions on a daily basis. Some of them are easy to diagnose with a simple physical exam and some questioning, while others take a bit more investigative work. We are grateful to have such knowledgeable providers on our staff, and we are also grateful for the wide range of diagnostic tools at our disposal to help us along the way! One of those tools is the state-of-the-art lab that we have right in our center. Read on →

Taking steps toward quitting an addictive habit can be really hard to do, but the rewards will always be worth it in the end! This is especially true when it comes to smoking cigarettes and other forms of tobacco. Smoking is bad for your health in every way, so quitting will only directly benefit you and those around you. The longer you smoke, the higher the risk you run of developing certain dangerous and even deadly diseases. Read on →

Getting sick is just a part of life, and many of us expect to contract a few mild to moderate illnesses throughout the cycle of a regular year. What many of us don’t assume, however, is that we will contract an STD. Did you know that one in five Americans will experience an STD in any given year? Sexually transmitted diseases are actually really common, so you may wind up wondering if you should go in to be tested one day. Read on →

The summer season not only brings warm and sunny days—it also brings out the creepy crawlies! Insect bites and stings are a common part of the summer season, and that includes encountering ticks from time to time. If you are outside minding your own business and discover a tick on your body, try not to panic! Many ticks are just a nuisance, but you should still focus on getting it off your skin as quickly as possible. Read on →