Can I Stay Healthy During the Holidays?

The family gatherings are starting, the boxes of decorations are being pulled out and you are dusting off that holiday sweater that always wins you first place at the ugly sweater party. There’s no doubt about it, the holidays are here!

While you may be excited to celebrate with friends and family, this time of year can also be really frustrating because of all of the different illnesses circulating. A single infection could cause your entire family to get sick and miss out on all the fun.

Our AFC Urgent Care Gastonia team wants your family to stay healthy, so read on to learn more about how to avoid getting sick during the holiday season.

How Do Infections Spread?

The reason why illnesses are so prevalent at this time of year is because many different types of infections are really contagious and spread quickly through populations. Since we all spend more time indoors together during the holidays, infections can easily transfer from person to person.

While we can’t 100% guarantee that you won’t get sick this year, taking care of yourself and encouraging your family to do the same is crucial. Serve healthy meals, make sure everyone stays hydrated and encourage sleep. Seven to nine hours of sleep is crucial for adults, and anywhere between eight to 14 hours is necessary for your children, depending on their age.

Health Tips for the Season

  • Bundle up when it is cold outside.
  • Get your flu vaccine.
  • Limit alcohol consumption.
  • Wear your seatbelt while traveling.

What About Foodborne Illnesses?

Another category of illnesses that may fly under the radar is foodborne illnesses. While they don’t spread the same way as other infections do, they can still make you really sick. Be mindful about the food you are preparing and consuming at all of your holiday parties.

Any perishable food that has been sitting out for two hours or more should be avoided, and frankly, tossed out. You should be sure to serve your meals promptly after preparing them, and store leftovers as soon as everyone is finished. Keep clean hands and practice proper kitchen safety in order to reduce your risk of bacteria getting into your food.

Tips for a Safe Kitchen

  • Use designated cutting boards for raw meat and produce.
  • Wash hands before handling food.
  • Don’t cook for others when you aren’t feeling well.
  • Understand specific allergies or dietary restrictions for those attending your party.

We wish you a safe and happy holiday season! Come see us at AFC Urgent Care Gastonia if you aren’t feeling well.