Why Do Ear Infections Hurt?

Ear infections are a really common type of infection, especially in small children. They can be standalone infections or be caused by another illness. In any case, they can be downright painful!

They can cause a variety of symptoms, and they can be really uncomfortable while your body works to overcome the infection. Our AFC Urgent Care Gastonia team explains all about ear infections and the pain they cause below, so read on to learn more.

Where Do Ear Infections Come From?

Viruses and bacteria can get inside your ear at any point. If your immune system cannot fight it off right away, the infection can spread and replicate in your inner ear. As the infection grows, it can disrupt the fluid drainage in your ear and can make the infected fluid back up against your eardrum.

The pain that you feel is from the pus or fluid pushing against your eardrum. Your eardrums are really sensitive, and that pressure can cause some significant pain! In addition, it can cause a variety of other symptoms as your body recognizes the invader and works hard to fight it off.

5 Ear Infection Symptoms

  • Pain inside ear
  • Fever
  • Discharge coming from ear
  • Feeling pressure in your ear
  • Difficulty hearing

Can AFC Urgent Care Gastonia Treat My Ear Infection?

The majority of ear infections actually can be treated at home with rest! Our bodies are well-equipped to handle ear infections and can overcome them within about three days. Just rest, stay hydrated and take some OTC pain medication to help relieve your symptoms.

There are some cases, however, that require medical intervention! If your pain doesn’t go away or gets worse after three days, come see us. We can perform a full evaluation and determine whether a round of antibiotics is right for you. Whatever the case, our team is equipped with the knowledge to help you feel better fast.

Prioritize Ear Health

  • Keep your ears clean and dry.
  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Stay up-to-date with the vaccination schedule.

Is ear pain affecting your day? Drop by AFC Urgent Care Gastonia to visit with our care team.