Why Does My Skin Get Dry in the Winter?

Dry skin is the worst, isn’t it? Although the winter can often bring snow and new yearly aspirations, it also brings about dry skin for many of us.

If you deal with dry skin every year, there are some effective ways to alleviate some of that pesky skin-cracking! Read on as our team at AFC Urgent Care Gastonia shares some helpful tips on skincare below.

Does Cold Weather Have an Effect on My Skin?

It definitely does. The reason that skin typically gets dry in the winter is because of the low-humidity environment that cold weather promotes.

Plus, cold wind chill beats on your skin and makes it look and feel chapped. We’ve listed some everyday habits that can boost your skin health below.

Daily Habits That Boost Skin Health

  • Drinking lots of water every day
  • Incorporating more healthy fats into your diet
  • Getting an adequate amount of exercise every week
  • Eliminating unhealthy habits like smoking and overeating

What If I Struggle With “Maskne,” Too?

Man, 2020 was rough on our skin! If dry winter skin isn’t enough, many of us have had to deal with mask-related acne, the new phenomenon of the pandemic.

Maskne is caused by the humid environment under your mask. Pimples form around the nose and mouth because of the humidity caused by breathing and sneezing under the mask. The above-mentioned daily habits can help battle maskne as well, but we’ve listed a few more ways you can battle those pesky pimples below.

Ways to Fight Maskne

  • Don’t wear makeup under your mask.
  • Avoid over-washing your face. Wash your face with gentle soap and water in the morning and before you go to bed.
  • Make sure you are wearing a clean mask.
  • Apply a non-comedogenic moisturizer before you put on your mask.
  • Use a gentle cleanser. Gentle cleansers that don’t contain alcohol or perfume can help remove excess oil, sweat and bacteria.

Skin health is important! If you are having skin problems or other general health issues, don’t hesitate to stop by AFC Urgent Care Gastonia today.